Snowman pancake with powdered sugar


Pancakes, powdered sugar, shredded coconut, and sesame sticks.  It’s a simple concept but worked out okay.  There’s never snow in the part of Arizona where we live.  The kids mostly understand it as a visual concept, white, powdery, and shapeable into figures like snowmen.

I grew up outside of Chicago and had lots of real world snow time as a boy.  I recall vividly that not all snow is created equally.  The most beautiful snow, white powdery stuff that skiers love, is terrible for throwing at people or shaping into igloos.  Honestly, throwing snow at people and making igloos were the main reasons I liked snow.  That and the fact that it gave me an opportunity to make a couple bucks around the neighborhood shoveling out people’s driveways.  It’s funny what you remember.