Pancake shaped like armadillo

Red Armadillo

Strawberry, apple, orange, and dots of chocolate syrup make this pancake perhaps the pinnacle of my achievements in fruit-based pancak-ery.  The shaping of the fruit shows craftsmanship that I seldom had the discipline or time to invest.

This all actually reminds me of a camping trip I went on once in Northern Arizona.  In the middle of the night, the young lady I was sharing the tent with shook me awake and swore she heard a noise outside the tent.  I doubted it but after listening for a few minutes I had to agree that something was definitely rustling outside the tent.  Taking my tiny flashlight, I cautiously ventured out into the starless night.  I panned the little beam across the campsite until I revealed the overturned cooler.  The contents lay scattered on the ground. Two animals were revealed rooting through the debris,.

Their heads swiveled to look into the beam and they froze guiltily for just a second.  This gave me a chance to identify them, a raccoon and a armadillo.  They knew the jig was up.  Neither one could resist trying to carry off some part of their loot.  For the racoon, it was a giant tub of “I can’t believe it’s not butter.”  He dragged it with one paw and ran with the other three at a hobbled sprint.  The armadillo had been caught in the exact middle of eating a pack of hot dogs.  In fact, the plastic hot dog packet completely covered his little conical head when the light hit him.  With two unconsumed hot dogs still inside, he ran off wearing that impromptu meat helmet, banging is head on bushes and sticks in his panicked flight.

The lesson I take away from the experience is this.  If these two species that are normally apathetic toward each other can combine forces to rip of some unsuspecting human, then surely we humans can make peace with each other so we can go out into space and rip off some unsuspecting alien.

As a postscript, they apparently ate the filet mignon that was planned for the next night’s dinner.