Jack and the beanstalk pancake

Jack and the Beanstalk

There was this guy named Joseph Campbell who had the theory that our myths embody key universal lessons about what it is to be human.  I am not the first person to try and do a good job of being human (whatever that means).  Neither is my son.  Myths are more than just fun stories; they are also the coded lesson from the wisest men of 1000 years ago.  Each generation must think and decode them anew to find their deeper lessons.

In the version of Jack and the Beanstalk that I learned as a boy, Jack makes a bad business deal, breaks into a rich guy’s house, steals his stuff, runs away, eventually kills the guy, and profits thereby. When I put this pancake in front of my son he asked, “What’s this?”

Thinking of Joseph Campbell I simply told him, “Thug Life 4-Ever.”