Skateboarding champion pancake

Skateboarding Champion

The tricky thing about my current technique with pancakes is that you have to go fast.  If the pan is hot, the lines can be sharp but they darken and curl up quickly.  If the pan is cooler, the lines are fuzzy because the batter spreads out before it cooks.  Even so, you keep at it and do your best.  If you’re thinking about it the right way, even failing is fun in a weird way.

Anyway, this pancake is in honor of Martiros’s recent efforts to master the skateboard.  He’s working more diligently at this than almost any hobby I’ve seen.  I’m unable to provide much practical advice as I was never a skater.  Just standing on the board without cracking his skull open is already better than my accomplishments.  He’s learned maybe the greatest foundational lesson so far.  He’s fallen many times and he still gets back up and tries again.