Mr. T pancake

Pity the fool

Recently I took a request to do a pancake of the 1980’s icon, Mr. T.  When I showed it to my son, he had no idea of the significance and just thought it was a strange guy with a mohawk.  I considered trying to explain, but some things don’t translate.  I can remember some millenial trying to explain Saved by the Bell to me once.  Forget about it.  He liked the pancake, even though he didn’t recognize the character.

For my part, I find great fondness for the character of Mr. T as portrayed on television.  Mr. T represented an earnestness that modern male hero figures seem uncomfortable portraying.  In a weird way, his manufactured persona was comforting to me.  He looked like nobody I knew personally and it was good to believe that some of the big scary people I might encounter in the world might just possibly have a heart of gold.  Nowadays it’s comforting to imagine that the world may be filled with good people that you just haven’t met yet, even if they do look different from you.