Pancake Turkey with Stars

Turkey and Stars

Here is a simple pancake turkey surrounded by stars.  Actually, I make stars with almost every pancake breakfast for my 3 year old but this time I decided to dress up the turkey with some.  They are incredibly easy to make and they seem happier than a bunch of circles.  I’m not even sure she likes them but they’re sort of a warm-up and I feel like I need to do them to get in the right mindset.

I made this turkey, and I think he came out pretty well, but somehow he seemed a bit dull.  This reminds me of a story I heard once that the Turkey was proposed as the national bird of the United States (by Banjamin Franklin?) but people thought the eagle was more majestic, fierce, and less tasty.  Anyway, I guess I came to the same conclusion about turkeys and so I decided to wrap him in some extra glitz.  I wasn’t actually consciously thinking about USA symbolism when I made the stars, but I guess that makes a sort of psychological sense.