Jack and the beanstalk pancake

Jack and the Beanstalk

There was this guy named Joseph Campbell who had the theory that our myths embody key universal lessons about what it is to […]

LIzard and gecko pancakes

Hungry Lizards

Martiros and his friends have been chasing and capturing lizards around the house.  He’s got one that’s maybe four inches long with […]

Pancake of karate boy

Karate Boy

Martiros had just won a trophy at a recent Karate tournament.  Energized by that success, this pancake was made in celebration.  Although […]

Two pancake birds

Two Birds

Pancake owl and pancake sparrow stood under the limb of a shading tree.  This combination provokes so many questions.  Are the owl […]

Bunny and carrot pancake

Bunny and Carrot

It’s interesting to see how subtle errors in a representation can cause the mood to veer from jolly to sinister.  At the […]