Snoopy Pancake


This pancake was a request from family.  After making Snoopy I thought there might be some misunderstanding about what I was trying […]

chicken and worm pancake

Chicken and Worm

Early bird gets the pancake.  I was working hard to do multiple shadings on this one and wound up making a darker […]

mouse pancake

Mouse and Cheese

Drawing stuff with pancake batter presents some challenges.  Without getting too much down in the details, the thickness of the lines and […]

Pancake, apples, and yogurt ladybug scene


This little a lady was built up using apples, chocolate syrup, and various shades of yogurt.  There were a couple of ideas […]

pancake with nutella ears

Nutella Mouse

This pancake includes some of the earliest hints of the realization that would transform my thinking, that the batter itself is the medium. […]