Spider and web pancake

Spider in a Web

My brief chocolate syrup and powdered sugar phase had some pancakes I really liked.  Both web and spider are batter although I’ll […]

skull pancake

White Skull

My brief powdered sugar phase produced a few noteworthy pancakes.  This one eschews the shading that is apparent in later work, but what it […]

Four pancake faces

Four Faces

At the very end of my circular faces phase I think I was creatively bankrupt.  This Warhol-esque assemblage of simple faces is […]

Pancake face with mango lips

Mango Lips

I guess the inclusion of the mango lips would be the most interesting feature of this pancake that I can all out […]

Walrus faced pancake


Apple, banana, grapes, chocolate syrup, raspberry jam. It is either a bloodthirsty walrus or perhaps Dracula, depending on how you squint.  It […]