Pancake shaped like armadillo

Red Armadillo

Strawberry, apple, orange, and dots of chocolate syrup make this pancake perhaps the pinnacle of my achievements in fruit-based pancak-ery.  The shaping […]

pancake face with square glasses

Face With Glasses

A pancake using fruit on top of a traditional circular canvas.  While this is superficially like those that came before, I feel […]

santa pancake with strawberries

Santa 2013

Whipped cream, strawberries, chocolate chips, chocolate syrup, and bananas.  The bananas and the tiny black pupils give Santa sort of a crazed […]

Snowman pancake with powdered sugar


Pancakes, powdered sugar, shredded coconut, and sesame sticks.  It’s a simple concept but worked out okay.  There’s never snow in the part […]

Pancake face with coconut hair

Face With Date Nose

The major innovation for this pancake is the use of a fresh date.  Other than that, I think of this pancake as […]