pancake cottage with fruit

Cottage and a Hill

My experiments with 3-D elements we most ambitious with my attempt to model a cottage struck by an unexpected snowfall.  Apples, kiwi, shredded […]

Little bird pancake with fruit on top

Little Bird

Pancake with yogurt, apples, raspberry, almonds, cinnamon.  As I began to exhaust everything I could think to do with faces, it started […]

my favorite monster face pancake

My Favorite Monster Face

Pancake of the day: kiwi, blackberry, banana, dried cranberry, apple, almond. In actual fact, kiwi on pancake is a little unusual since […]

Ghost pancake with strawberries and banannas

Red Ghost With Fangs

I came out of the gate trying to do kind of a Blinky thing but a pancake with just strawberries on it […]

Pancake with cantaloupe hair

Cantaloupe Hair

Primitive geometric fruit shapes atop a crumbly pancake canvas.  This was maybe my cubist period.  It’s strange how hard it is to […]