Ninja confronts samurai pancake

Ninja versus Samurai

This pancake of a Ninja confronting a Samurai is created to honor my son’s renewed excitement with martial arts and monomaniacal fixation […]

Patriotic pancakes of status of liberty (in reverse)

Citizenship Cakes

These pancakes were made in honor of my wife’s recently acquired citizenship.  It has been a simple but long and slightly expensive […]

pancake of jumping in a puddle

Jumping in Puddles

The last two days have been rainy and cold (for Arizona).  We tried to keep the kids indoors in the morning but […]

Back to school pancake

Back to School

Martiros’s school has a very long break, but he starts back in a few days.  This pancake is to memorialize the end […]

Pancake of a phoenix rising from the flame

Renewal and Arising

Today is the morning of the first day of the new year. Typically in the US this time invokes bleary eyes and […]