Pancake of a phoenix rising from the flame

Renewal and Arising

Today is the morning of the first day of the new year. Typically in the US this time invokes bleary eyes and superficial, half-felt ambitions.  I meant this pancake in a more grand sense than that.  For our family, 2016 holds a slight taste of bitter ashes.  Our youngest are bright and happy, dragging us unavoidably toward joy and renewal even as we feel the absence of elders.  We hope all families everywhere find themselves similarly, happy in spite of the hardships they may face.

Something about the human mind focuses us on borders, boundaries, and edges.  Our fingers itch to peel the label off the beer bottle, to focus on the place where one thing ends and another begins.  The phoenix myth emphasizes these sharp boundaries, one thing ends and another arises.  Really, nothing is so simple.  Our unremarkable everydays shape us as much as holidays, vacations, celebrations, and passings.  Perhaps they shape us more because there are so many everydays blending together into the unremarked middle-spaces of our lives.  We mark time by the passage of new years but perhaps we should be paying more attention to the everydays.