Back to school pancake

Back to School

Martiros’s school has a very long break, but he starts back in a few days.  This pancake is to memorialize the end of his extensive time off and return to the fun and irritation of school.  Probably he’s happy to get back to his friends and he does enjoy some of the more interactive stuff at school.  He’s not crazy about conforming to other people’s idea of structure, but he likes school in general.

Personally, I enjoyed many aspects of school at around his age.  I certainly enjoyed new ideas although I often found the practical mechanics of public school education to be tedious.  I remember rooms full of young people cycling through an endless-seeming rhythm of “kill and drill” exercises, placated by occasional games of kickball.  It’s funny that even now as an adult I equate learning with tedium.  I know it is good and necessary but I expect it to be painful, dull, and slow.  Dabbling in knowledge is easy.  Changing accidentally and incrementally is easy.    Reshaping ourselves deliberately is hard, unpleasant work.  For many people, high school and college are the last comprehensive program of self-improvement they will undertake.  That’s something to think about.