pancake of jumping in a puddle

Jumping in Puddles

The last two days have been rainy and cold (for Arizona).  We tried to keep the kids indoors in the morning but it was too much for all of us and we had to release them.  What followed was a spectacle of mud and dirty road-water.  It’s weird that jumping in a dirty puddle in the street is more fun that jumping in a swimming pool.

As we age, maturity and experience changes us.  Some of the things that were clear have become opaque.  For example, I remember enjoying splashing in mud but now the idea seems unnecessary and inconvenient.  On the other hand, some things that were mysteries before have become clear.  For example, I can remember reading that children got pinkeye because of poop on their pillow.  I used to think, “How in the heck do you get poop on a pillow?”  I’ve grown up enough that I now understand how silly that question was.