Ninja confronts samurai pancake

Ninja versus Samurai

This pancake of a Ninja confronting a Samurai is created to honor my son’s renewed excitement with martial arts and monomaniacal fixation on all things ninja.  I remember being the same way myself as a kid but not really having access to the materials to feed this obsession.  Now, my son can watch online videos, see photos read articles, and otherwise binge on a topic in seconds.

It’s an interesting difference that while my personality and interests were shaped by the ideas I had immediate access to, the next generation has the world to draw on.  From one point of view, it offers a tremendous opportunity for specialization and uniqueness.  The skeptic in me suspects that it will more likely be used in the service of homogenization as we all collectively turn our obsessions on the same things at the same time, voluntarily.  On the other hand, my great-grandad was probably worried about the corrupting power of radio.