Christmas frog pancake

Christmas Frog

This frog, which was actually born around the expected date but posted with a month or so of delay represents one of my […]

Pancake of Owl, Stars, and Moon

Owl and Stars

I brought back the use of powdered sugar for this, Owl and Stars pancakes.  The worst part about using powdered sugar is […]

Pancake Turkey with Stars

Turkey and Stars

Here is a simple pancake turkey surrounded by stars.  Actually, I make stars with almost every pancake breakfast for my 3 year old […]

Mr. T pancake

Pity the fool

Recently I took a request to do a pancake of the 1980’s icon, Mr. T.  When I showed it to my son, he […]

Skateboarding champion pancake

Skateboarding Champion

The tricky thing about my current technique with pancakes is that you have to go fast.  If the pan is hot, the […]